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Clinical Applications of Motion Capture System for Living Body



We have developed a wireless motion capture system for living body that could non-invasively measure various biological movements without any contact. By utilizing the LC resonant magnetic marker due to the latest magnetic engineering technology, we have achieved a magnetic wireless system which could be used even in a shielded space such as oral cavity by applying a magnetic field from outside the body. By using the infrared reflective markers of small and light, we have also succeeded in developing an optical system capable of synchronous real-time measurement at up to 50 locations at 250 hertz.

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

This new system can three dimensionally analyze various biological movements and can be applied to such diagnostic and medical equipment that requires a motion analysis non-invasively without any contact. It is possible to specialize this system to suit the required conditions, so I would like to joint research with companies and organizations that want to take advantage of this system.


Liaison Center for Innovative Dentistry, Graduate School of Dentistry

KANETAKA Hiroyasu , Professor
D. D. S., Ph. D