Economics of Aging

Features and Uniqueness
  • I investigate on the economics of aging, the optimal social welfare policy, low fertility and so on not based on the historical and systematic approach but based on the neo-classical economic theory. I also use econometric method and statistical approach. I often estimate the future projections of the population, public finance, magnitude of private markets, the results of public policies.
  • I also research on the comparative studies on East Asia (Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan) and European (especially Scandinavian countries). I provide statistic data and information on the economic and political systems on the aging in Japan.
Practical Application

The future estimation on the financial status , market caused by low fertility and aging. The effective management of the medical institutions, social welfare systems, gender equality societies for the central and local government, research institutions, public enterprises, and financial Institutions.



Graduate School of Economics and Management

Hiroshi Yoshida, Professor