Generation of Rice Plants Suitable for Biofuel Production

Features and Uniqueness
  • To generate a rice plant suitable for efficient biofuel production from its straw, we examined effects of overexpression of cellulase on saccharification of straw. The transgenic plant constitutively overexpressing cellulase showed enhanced saccharification, but various physiological and morphological abnormalities were also observed. To overcome this problem, a senescence-inducible promoter was used to express the cellulase. The plants successfully avoided the problem and showed enhanced saccharification after senescence.
Practical Application

Rice straw will be an efficient material for biofuel production. This method can be applied to other plants. In combination with highly engineered microorganisms for saccharification and fermentation, this method will contribute to efficient production of biofuels.



Graduate School of Agricultural Science

Yukihiro Ito, Associate Professor