Material Design for Solution of Energy and Environmental Problems by Multi-Physics and Multi-Scale Simulation

Features and Uniqueness
  • In order to solve the energy and environmental problems, the development of the high-functional and high-performance materials is required in a wide variety of research fields such as fuel cell, Li-ion battery, tribology etc. Especially, the recent material technologies constitute of multi-physics and multi-scale phenomena including chemical reaction, friction, impact, stress, fluid, photon, electron, heat, electric and magnetic fields etc. on nano- and macro-scales. Therefore, Kubo laboratory is pioneering the development of multi-physics and multi-scale simulator on the basis of quantum chemistry and is utilizing supercomputers "Fugaku" and "MASAMUNE-IMR" for realizing the theoretical material design with high-accuracy.
Practical Application

We utilize our developed multi-physics and multi-scale simulation technology on the basis of quantum chemistry for acceelerating the material development in a wide variety of private companies of automotive, machinery, power, electronics, material, metal, chemistry etc. and then contribute to solving the energy and environmental problems.



Institute for Materials Research

Momoji Kubo, Professor
Doctor of Engineering