Supercomputing for enabling large-scale advanced simulations

Features and Uniqueness
  • As modern supercomputers are getting larger and more complicated, it is not so easy to exploit their potential performance. It is necessary to develop a simulation code with considering various factors for both hardware and software reasons, and hence expert knowledge and experiences about supercomputing are often needed to achieve high actual performance. Our research interests focus on shaping future supercomputing systems and their applications, especially system software technologies for effectively using the future supercomputers. Also we are always exploring how to make good use of the state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies in order to enable unprecedented-scale and more advanced simulations.
  • From beginning (apply for use of our supercomputer) to end (get a solution), we can consistently support developing large-scale practical simulation, which is feasible only by using the supercomputer. As a supercomputing center, we have a long history of parallelizing and accelerating a lot of practical simulation programs. In addition, we are looking for research collaborators who are interested in streamlining and/or facilitating large-scale scientific software development.


Cyberscience Center

Hiroyuki Takizawa, Professor
Doctor of Information Science