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Integrated Design for Sustainable Energy Systems

Features and Uniqueness
  • The concept of LCS (low carbon society) is a unique approach having multi-dimensional considerations such as social, economic and environmental dimensions. The LCS aims at an extensive restructuring of worldwide energy supply/demand network system by not only replacing the conventional parts with the new ones, but also integrating all the necessary components and designing absolutely different energy networks. An energy-economic model is a tool for decision making for a variety of purposes, such as energy security planning, climate policy analysis, and technology innovation assessment.
Practical Application

Provide local governments, participating companies, and consultants with databases related to local energy supply and demand to support data analysis and scenario design in planning smart cities and decarbonized regions.



Graduate School of Engineering

Toshihiko Nakata, Professor
Doctor of Engineering

With his research experience as a Fulbright Scholar in the U.S. and familiarity with examples of social implementation in Europe, he has armed himself with research methods of data-driven innovation.