Advanced die casting process computing with solidification phenomena

Features and Uniqueness
  • Die casting is a method of mass-producing high-precision castings in a short time by filling the mold with molten metal at high pressure and high speed. Since solidification is completed quickly under high pressure, various defects peculiar to die casting occur. Significantly, the casting cavity has a high incidence in die casting, and it is a factor that hinders the quality. Therefore, a numerical approach to the die casting process is expected to prevent these problems, and the information obtained from the numerical analysis is expected to be reflected in the casting plan to reduce the number of prototypes, the lead time to product development, and the cost. In this study, a multiphase flow analysis with solidification phenomena of molten aluminum inside mold was conducted for a high-pressure die casting process of the throttle body.
Practical Application

Automotive industry, Automotive suppliers, Foundry industry



Institute of Fluid Science

Jun Ishimoto, Professor