Development of Atom-scale Spectroscopy Measurement for Nano Materials

Features and Uniqueness
  • Scanning tunneling microscope (STM) and atomic force microscope (AFM) are among a few microscopes which enable a direct observation of atomic scale structures of materials. If compared with other electron microscope like transmission electron microscope (TEM), the energy of the electron used for STM is very low that has a big advantage of low damage for sample. Thus STM and AFM are regarded as the most important tools to characterize materials in nanotechnology. The research is now developing from a mere observation of the shape of material to the characterization specific properties of materials with an atomic scale resolution. These properties include spin and molecule vibration; well established techniques like ESR/NMR and infrared-spectroscopy requires more than billions of molecules to obtain data, while STM can obtain these data for a single molecule.
  • We are interested following issues and like to have a collaboration with industrial companies.
  • 1. Molecule-scale morphological characterization of soft-material, polymers and bio material.
  • 2. Site specific vibration spectroscopy of molecules with an atomic resolution.
  • 3. Single spin detection with ESR-STM method
  • 4. Developing atom-scale characterization tool


Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials

Tadahiro Komeda, Professor
Doctor of Science