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  • Prediction and evaluation of future thermal and wind environments based on CFD, and planning of urban environments adaptable to future climate

Prediction and evaluation of future thermal and wind environments based on CFD, and planning of urban environments adaptable to future climate



Numerical simulations of the physical environment of urban outdoor spaces are conducted to predict the physical environment, such as temperature, humidity, wind, and pollutant concentration, and field measurements are conducted to understand the actual physical environment. In addition, the future outdoor environments and heat stroke risks due to global warming are predicted and evaluated.
Furthermore, the impacts of urban morphology (building shape and layout, street trees, etc.) on the adaptation to severe heat in summer and rare typhoons and floods are evaluated quantitatively.

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

Numerical analysis is used to quantitatively evaluate the "merits and demerits" of designing buildings, planning city blocks and urban areas, and introducing various heat control technologies on the wider thermal environment and the formation of wind ventilation paths, as well as the adverse effects of typhoons and other disasters. The materials for making decisions on whether or not to introduce these technologies are provided.


Dept. of Architecture & Building Science Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University

ISHIDA Yasuyuki , Assistant Professor
Doctor of Engineering, Ph. D.


Related Information

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