Development of Miniature and Highly-Functional Photonic Devices Using Ultrafine Microstructures

Features and Uniqueness
  • In our laboratory, miniature and highly-functional photonic devices based on new optical phenomena caused by the interaction of ultrafine microstructures with light have been studied. In addition, development of new production technology to overcome the problems that have been obvious from the practical application viewpoint of nanophotonic devices has been performed.
    • -Main research topics--
    MEMS tunable metamaterials for optical control.
  • Structural color filters using subwavelength gratings for the applications of display and spectroscopic analyzers.
  • Surface-smoothing technology using surface self-diffusion.
  • Study of low loss silicon nanophotonic devices.
Practical Application

We aim to realize optical filters, optical resonators, and color filters, by using above technologies. Also, development of nano-photonic elements fabricated by a nanoimprint technology has been progressed.
We hope to conduct collaborative research with a willing company for a practical application of this technology in industry.



Graduate School of Engineering

Yoshiaki Kanamori, Professor
Doctor of Engineering