Elucidation of oncogenesis by Fbxw7

Features and Uniqueness
  • In life science research field, it is noteworthy issue how information in genome is interpreted and is transferred to functional molecules. However, during these 10 years, we convinced that the amount of proteins, final functional molecules was regulated by not only by production but also by degradation. For examples, the amount of c-Myc, which promotes cell cycle and inhibits cell death, increase in many types of cancer by failure of protein degradation.
  • We have generated model mice in which function of Fbxw7, inducer of c-Myc degradation is suppressed. We observed promotion of oncogenesis in these mice, suggesting that Fbxw7 is oncosuppressor gene. In other words, Fbxw7 has a great potential to regulate oncogenesis or progress of cancer. These molecules specified the target proteins for proteolysis suggesting that modification of these molecules leads to develop oncosuppressive therapy. We hope to conduct collaborative research with a willing company for a practical application of this knowledge in industry.


Graduate School of Medicine

Keiko Nakayama, Professor
Medical Doctor