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  • Regulation of TSLP Production in Keratinocytes

Regulation of TSLP Production in Keratinocytes

Features and Uniqueness
  • Thymic stromal lymphopoietin(TSLP)has been focused as a master switch for allergy. We established a mouse keratinocyte cell line which constitutively and highly produces TSLP. This cell line will be useful to find the inhibitor of TSLP production and to study biochemical features of production and action of TSLP. The inhibitor of TSLP production might be used as an external or an inhalation drug, indicating low probability of causing a decrease in immune competence.
Practical Application

By using this cell line, we expect we can conduct effective collaborative research in medical fields. For examples, the cell line is useful for analysis of TSLP production and functions, development of inhibitors of TSLP production, and detection of immunotoxic compounds.



Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Noriyasu Hirasawa, Professor