Magnetic Applications and Magnetic Materials

Features and Uniqueness
  • The aim of our research are to obtain the high accuracy sensor system for the signals from the human body or electric devices and to obtain the system for approaching action to the human body by using the nano-scale controlled magnetic materials and by the development of the devices under the functions of the magnetics.
  • We studied the mechanism of obtaining the magnetic anisotropy of the magnetic thin films for the sensitive magnetic sensors. We obtained a non-metal probe for high frequency magnetic field, and confirmed the probe can measure the high frequency magnetic field with its phase information. In addition, 3D position detecting system using magnetic markers was studied to improve its position accuracy. The study about the magnetic actuator driven by the external magnetic field was carried out for biomimetic robots using the rotational magnetic field, and small wireless pumps were obtained and clarified for their application for an artificial heart-support pump.
Practical Application

<Medical Applications>
Motion system for capsule endoscope, Support system for endoscopic surgery, Position detecting system (motion capture), Wireless pump for artificial heart
Magnetic field sensors, Strain sensors, Wireless sensors
Electrical steels of ultra low loss, Electrochemicaly produced materials (structure controlled in nano-scale)



Research Institute of Electrical Communication

Kazushi Ishiyama, Professor
Doctor of Engineering