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Development and Application of Hard Porous Carbon Materials RB Ceramics Made from Rice Bran



We developed a hard porous carbon material, a RB ceramics, made from defatted rice bran. This is an effective use of the defatted rice bran after rice oil was extracted. The RB ceramics has low friction and high wear resistance without using any lubricants. We also succeeded in the development of resin composites filled with the RB ceramics particles, which exhibit low friction. On the other hand, we developed elastomeric composites filled with the RB ceramics particles as high friction materials.

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

We have conducted researches on development and applications of low-friction or high-friction materials in collaboration with many companies including small- and medium-sized enterprises, such as in industrial, sports engineering, health-care, welfare, and living-ware fields. We have successfully achieved more than 60 practical applications with the collaboration.


Graduate School of Engineering

HOKKIRIGAWA Kazuo , Professor
Doctor of Engineering