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Physical properties and spin dynamics of nanomagnets and their application to magnetic memory devices

Rapid progress toward information society has aroused much attention to magnetic memory devices because of their nonvolatility, high data density, low cost, high-speed accessibility. With reducing their constituent size down to 10 nm, various effects, such as surface and quantum size effects and thermal agitation of spins, appear and hamper further advance in device performance. It is indispensable to elucidate various physical properties of nanosized magnets. Under this circumstance, our intensive effort is focused on (1) size effect on crystal phase of magnets, (2) highly sensitive magnetic detection technique, (3) magnetic behavior of single nanomagnets, (4) new SPM lithography, and (5) new media and technology for ultrahigh density recording.


Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials

KITAKAMI, Osamu , Professor
Doctor of Engineering