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Electrical Detection of Magnetization Process in Nano-Scale Ferromagnet



A nano-scale ferromagnet has onion and vortex states in its magnetization. Especially the vortex state is important since the stray field from the ferromagnet is suppressed. It is expected to apply it to high density non-volatile memory because of two different magnetized orientations, clock-wise and counter clock-wise directions. We have experimentally and theoretically confirmed that the chirality of the vortex state can be detected with an electrical way (Fig. 1). Furthermore, by putting a single nano-scale ferromagnet on top of a semiconductor Hall bar, we have demonstrated that the magnetization reversal process can be electrically detected with a very high sensitivity even without using SQUID (Fig. 2).

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

As an example of applications, the method is applicable to magnetic sensor with high sensitivity and high density non-volatile memory. We are prepared to provide academic consultations to companies interested in our research.


Department of Materials Science, Graduate School of Engineering

NITTA Junsaku , Professor
Doctor of Engineering