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ICT Use by Teachers and Students in the Classrooms of Elementary and Secondary Schools



My research focuses on ICT use in the classrooms of elementary and secondary schools in Japan.
When we consider introducing technologies to the classrooms, particularly for the compulsory education in public schools, there are "inevitable issues" around consistency with the educational mission of academic development of school students, practicability and sustainability of the use of technologies for busy teachers, cost economy, and equity in the public education.
My research is characterized by its direction toward empirical approach to the ICT use in consideration of these issues.
In the past, I have been engaged in (1) a research that found the most accepted ICT among teachers was a document camera and the way teachers use it was dependent on each teacher's teaching style, (2) a research on the technology that takes fewer man-hours to develop digital textbooks and other contents, and (3) a development of e-learning materials with which elementary school students can learn key board typing.

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

My research can be applied to a development of teaching support tools for elementary and secondary school teachers which can be used in the classroom and a consulting service to assist development of digital teaching materials for school students.


Graduate School of Information Sciences

HORITA Tatsuya , Professor


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