Design, fabrication and test of high performance miniaturized sensor and actuator systems

Features and Uniqueness
  • Micro and nano electro-mechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) have completely changed human society in the past decades. Many devices that are taken for granted these days like smart phone, future car and drone would be unthinkable without them.
  • The integration of various new kinds of materials, such as metallic glass and nanostructures into micro technologies allows us to create devices with novel performance and characteristics; examples include acoustic sensors and actuators, thermoelectric generators and wafer level packages.
  • In collaboration with partners inside and outside Tohoku University, technologies are being developed that can be transferred to industry ranging from material integration and processes to packaging and reliability.
Practical Application

Wide collaboration in Microsystem technology is possible. We develop, implement and optimize processes, devices and systems until they are ready for use, keeping in mind reliability, yield and other important features for commercialization. We work with also with partners, such as Fraunhofer. Flexible interlinking of expertise and capacities with other research groups enables us to meet broad project requirements and create complex system solutions.



Micro System Integration Center

Froemel Joerg Eckhardt, Associate Professor
Doctor of Engineering