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  • Visualization of supply chain risks from the resource logistics perspective

Visualization of supply chain risks from the resource logistics perspective



With the increased global concerns of resource and environmental constraints of recent years, the role of mining, as a constituent of social responsibility associated with resource extraction and usage, is becoming increasingly important in the science, technology, and innovation policy. Under increasing public and shareholders' concerns of social and environmental sustainability, the fabrication industries require careful attention owing to their own risks related to the resources and materials that are used in their products and services. The Material Flow Analysis tool and Input output technique provide useful perspectives and valuable evidences for avoiding or minimizing the social and environmental risks related to the demand of resources.

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

Our developed model evaluates the risk weighted flow analysis by combining the resource logistics database and Global Link Input Output model. The estimated results shed light on how resource logistics prepares policy makers and R&D engineers to confront the risks behind resource usage and how the information should be shared among the stakeholders.


Graduate School of Environmental Studies

MATSUBAE Kazuyo , Professor
Doctor of Economics


Related Information

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