Vacuum Engineering of Solid-Liquid Interfaces and its Process Applications

Features and Uniqueness
  • We challenge to fabricate in vacuum-stabilized micro/nano-scale liquid materials, explore their novel chemicophysical properties and develop their vacuum processing applications. The representative examples include ultra thin film ionic liquid on the nanometer scale and advanced vapor-liquid-solid growth (VLS) of inorganic/organic materials, such as 4H- and 3C-SiC films, single crystal pentacene and a porous polymer film of plolythiophene.
Practical Application

Our research outcomes will contribute to the following research and development:
1) a next-generation semiconductor process with the merits of the wet process
2) a new purification process of organic semiconductors, by which some part of inorganic semiconductor materials would be replaced in response to the present world-wide shortage of semiconductors.

In addition, the consultation of how to use our ionic liquid-assisted vapor growth method in attempt to obtain organic single crystals is welcome.



Graduate School of Engineering

Yuji Matsumoto, Professor
Doctor of Science