Unified power plug system

Features and Uniqueness
  • We have developed a power plug system that enables power to be supplied with a commonly-used power cable without using a AC power adapter for all types of electrical equipment around us. Furthermore, by monitoring the operating current of electrical equipments, the operating state of the equipment can be ascertained, and while monitoring the health of the equipment, an abnormality diagnosis and failure can be predicted and the user can be notified in advance. We are also researching how to realize a power supply system and innovate the usage style of all home appliances so that they can be used comfortably and comfortably. In particular, by observing the waveform of the current flowing through the power cord while each individual electrical device is in use, letting the artificial intelligence learn the current waveform, and clarifying the relationship between the current waveform and the abnormality, failure, or deterioration mode. It is intended to diagnose abnormalities and predict failures.


Graduate School of Engineering

Hirohito Yamada, Professor
Doctor of Engineering