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Lymph node metastasis prediction and treatment evaluation system



1. pressure sensor (needle, optical fiber, etc.) can be inserted into the lymph node to evaluate the risk of lymph node metastasis and treatment.
2. domestic patent obtained

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

Joint research with a medical device manufacturer to develop a diagnosis and treatment system for lymph node metastasis


Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering

KODAMA Tetsuya , Professor
PhD (Engineering), PhD (Medicine)


Related Information

Pressure measurement in lymph nodes

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Kato S, Takeda K, Sukhbaatar A, Sakamoto M, Mori S, Shiga K, Kodama T.
Intranodal pressure of a metastatic lymph node reflects the response to lymphatic drug delivery system. Cancer Sci. 2020 Sep 3;111:4232–4241.