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OpenEnergySim: A Virtual World to Assess CO2 Emission

Intelligent Transport System (ITS) strategies can significantly reduce CO2 emissions of vehicles.
However, there is currently no low-cost yet effective method to investigate the impact of enegry-saving ITS measures on driving behavior. Further, there is no convenient collaboration platform to compare the results of such "green" ITS strategies at an international level.
Therefore, we implement OpenEnergySim, an online multi-user three-dimensional (3D) simulation space, which can serve three functions in one single consistent environment:
1. Visualization of microscopic traffic and CO2 emissions
2. Immersive driving of users in a simulated traffic network, where ITS measures can be applied and tested interactively
3. A shared real-time collaboration space aimed at international partners for studying and comparing the effects of green ITS strategies on CO2 emission reduction
OpenEnergySim can provide a unique platform for green ITS which fosters international collaboration and facilitates harmonization of models in the transport domain.


Graduate School of Information Sciences

KUWAHARA Masao , Professor


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