R&D in Semiconductor Materials and their Device Applications Bringing System Evolutions

Features and Uniqueness
  • 1. Development of Distributed Feedback (DFB) Laser Diodes (LD) widely used in optical communications systems realizing a highly information-based society. This LD increases the transmission capacity by 25,000 times per fiber which means the bit rate of 10Tb/s.
  • 2. Nitride semiconductors famous for blue light emitting diodes.
  • (a) Proposal of InGaAlN system considering device applications in 1989
  • (b) Success in growth of single crystalline InGaN by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) in 1989
  • (c) Prediction of band-gap energy (Eg) of InN much smaller than the values reported in 1980s and its   experimental confirmation in 2002
  • (d) Observation of photoluminescence from InGaN in 1991
  • (e) Prediction of phase separation in InGaAlN in 1997
Practical Application

DFB-LD: Fabrication of periodic structure with submicron scale, Epitaxial growth of semiconductor films on the substrate with fine structures, LD fabrication process, device evaluation, and device simulation

Nitride Semiconductors: MOVPE growth, N-polar growth, Evaluation of semiconductor materials, Fabrication of light-emitting devices, solar cells, and high-power transistors



New Industry Creation Hatchery Center

Takashi Matsuoka, Specially Appointed Professor(Research)
Doctor of Engineering