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Research on High Performance Motor and its Applications



Electric motors are essential devices in all areas such as industrial, traffic and civilian use. The demand of the electric motors is rising each year. In order to realize a high performance electric motor, we study the following items:
1. Development of a motor simulation method for accurate and fast calculation.
2. Considerations on an optimum control method of motors.
3. Application of the electric motor to an electric vehicle.
4. Regeneration and application of rotating mechanical energy.
The features of our study are a simulation method based on magnetic circuit model, SR motor without permanent magnet, and in wheel direct drive electric vehicle.

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

As we have basic skill for a magnetic field analysis, electric and electronic circuit analysis and control technic, our targeted applications are improvement of permanent magnet motor, SR motor and its applications to an electric vehicle and various mobilities. Small size generator is also our targeted application.


Graduate School of Engneering

ICHINOKURA Osamu , Professor
Doctor of Enginering