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Highly Sensitive and Simultaneous Absolute Protein Quantification by LC-MS/MS



Quantification of functional proteins in each organ of animals and humans at normal and disease states is fundamental for drug discovery and development. The target proteins were digested in-silico, and target peptides for analysis were chosen on the basis of the selection criteria. Samples tissues were digested with trypsin, and mixed with stable isotope labeled-peptide as a quantitative standard. The amounts of target proteins were simultaneously determined by the HPLC system connected to an ESI–triple quadrupole mass spectrometer. A detection limit would be ~ 1 fmol/assay and 37 different proteins could be quantified simultaneously.

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

This technology will be applicable for the drug discovery and development, diagnosis, personalized chemotherapy. This technology will be widely applicable for any life science relating industries including food and environment science. Fig. 3 summarizes possible applications for Pharmaceutical and Medical fields.


Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

TERASAKI Tetsuya , Professor


Related Information

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