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Powder Jet Deposition: PJD



We have developed a digital powder jet deposition system capable of accurately streaming particles. Using this system we have succeeded in depositing thick ceramic films at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. This technology enables inexpensive production and integration of nano-ceramics at room temperature.
PJD technology has been utilized to generate the world's first successful thick Hydroxyapatite (HAp) film by depositing micro HAp particles on the surface of human teeth (Enamel layer). This method is attracting the world's attention, because it can enable the reconstruction of new tooth dentin, which may fundamentally change the traditional dental treatment technique in the field of preventive dentistry and dental caries.

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

PJD technology is highly hopeful to be used to fabricate the silicon anode of Lithium (Li) secondary battery, functional elements of next generation high-response-speed actuator, ultra-high speed optical switch, transparent high-voltage insulating film and so on. Furthermore, PJD technology can also be used to create new functional interface.


Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering

KURIYAGAWA Tsunemoto , Professor
PhD (Engineering)