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Nano-Precision Mechanical Manufacturing for Extreme Optics

Through the fusion of technology and manufacturing techniques, the level of Japanese manufacturing has come to be regarded as exceptional. In order to survive in the current economic climate, research and development work in manufacturing processing technology must be promoted in order to develop ultra-high-precision mechanical manufacturing technologies capable of producing structures having three-dimensional shapes with ultra-smooth surfaces and extremely precise form accuracy, as well as ultra-high-precision lithography technologies that will enable the creation of nano structures by adding and subtracting atoms or molecules with precise control. In our laboratory, we focus on the creation and development of new manufacturing principles and technologies for nano-precision mechanical manufacturing.
1. Fluctuation-Free / nano-precision grinding for free-form genaration,
2. Ultra-precise cutting for complex shape elements.

・ Strong Collaboration among Industry, Academia and Government
We believe that greater importance will be attached to cooperation among academic institutions and between academia and government in research, with the results being put to practical use through joint projects between academia and industry. The fundamental mission of our research group is to encourage joint research in industry. In addition, we frequently provide consultation regarding technological problems in various companies.


Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering

KURIYAGAWA Tsunemoto , Professor
PhD (Engineering)