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Development of Innovative Casting Technology



In casting process, molten metal is poured into a mold and solidified for making complex shaped metallic product that is used in a variety field of industries. Major research field of my research laboratory is the innovative casting technology, that is, the research on computer simulation technology for prediction of typical casting defects (shrinkage, segregation and so on), and the semi-sold die casting process for light metals. Applications of the casting technology are based on the needs from the industries. Not only hardware technology but also software technology are fully used for the establishment of the cutting edge casting technology.

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

Followings are targeted applications of co-operative research with industries.
1.Casting CAE(Computer Aided Engineering)system (Fig.1)
2.Quick, simple and easy semi-solid metallic slurry making method (Fig. 2)
3.Macro-segregation simulation technology (Fig.3)
4.Advanced casting CAE technology based on particle method


Graduate School of Engineering

TAKAHASHI, Masahiko , Professor
Doctor of Engineering