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Development of Frequency Tunable Coherent TERAHERTZ Light Sources and their Potential Applications



Terahertz wave (THz) is quite new electromagnetic wave. THz wave is expected to show wide variety of important practical applications. In view of the scientific fields, THz spectroscopy can reveal quite new inter-molecular vibration. We successfully realized the THz wave emission via both non-linear optical effects of NIR laser light and the high frequency semiconductor device operations. The frequency region realized is ranging between 0.03THz and a few 10 THz. It is also noted that the device assembly of THz semiconductor devices and the crystal growth of non-linear optical crystal have been performed in our laboratory.

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

Non-destructive and non-contact defect recognition of building blocks and water diffusion recognition in polymers, paints, woods and concrete, adhesion failure of ceramics tiles on concrete walls, chirality discrimination of medicines, hydro-oxide formation of medicines, recognition of polytypes of organic and nonorganic crystalline compounds, THz spectroscopic imaging using specific molecular vibrations

Civil and architecture engineering, Metal construction like bridge, tunnel construction, automobile and train, semiconductor fabrication, electronic device fabrication, medicine, chemical engineering.


Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering

OYAMA Yutaka , Professor
Doctor of Engineering