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Development of Innovative Green Nanodevices Using Damage-Free Processes



We developed an entirely new concept of "bio-template ultimate process technology" and realized fabrication of uniform, size-controllable, defect-free, high-density and regularly-distributed quantum dot array on surface of arbitrary material. The quantum dot array can be applied to high efficiency and inexpensive quantum dot solar cells, high luminescence quantum dot lasers, high-speed graphene / germanium transistors, and so on, i.e., energy-generating, energy-storing, and low-energy-consumption devices.

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

We can accept collaborative researches on nanodevices such as quantum dot solar cells or lasers, low-energy-consumption devices such as graphene transistor and germanium transistor, and fundamental technologies such as plasma/beam processes, thin film deposition, doping, and surface treatment.


Green Nanotechnology Laboratory, Innovative Energy Research Center, Institute of Fluid Science

SAMUKAWA Seiji , Professor
Doctor of Engineering


Related Information

Makoto Igarashi, Mohd Fairuz Budiman, Wugen Pan, Weiguo Hu, Yosuke Tamura, Mohd Erman Syazwan, Noritaka Usami and Seiji Samukawa , “Effects of formation of mini-bands in two-dimensional array of silicon nanodisks with SiC interlayer for quantum dot solar cells”, Nanotechnology, Vol. 24, pp. 015301 (2012).