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Data Analytics for Creation of Social Values Tsukasa Ishigaki (Associate Professor)
Design and control of new weld interface during welding of dissimilar materials Yutaka Sato (Professor)
Design and Development of 50 kg-class Micro Satellites Kazuya Yoshida (Professor)
Design and Fabrication of Micro-Optical Devices Based on Optics, Especially Optical MEMS and Sensors Kazuhiro Hane (Specially Appointed Professor(Research))
Design, fabrication and test of high performance miniaturized sensor and actuator systems Froemel Joerg Eckhardt (Associate Professor)
Developing energy creation and saving materials Takahisa Omata (Professor)
Development and evaluation of various inhibitors and disinfectants for SARS-CoV-2 Eiichi Kodama (Professor)
Development of a Novel Quantification Method for Diarrhetic Schell Fish Poisoning Keiichi Konoki (Associate Professor)
Development of a novel therapeutic drug, TMS-007, for acute cerebral infarction Teiji Tominaga
Development of a Novel Therapy for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Using Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF) Masashi Aoki (Professor)
Development of a Numerical Prediction System for Sliding Part Wear and Seizure Occurrence Portions Jun Ishimoto (Professor)
Development of a reaction process in supercritical water Tadafumi Ajiri (Professor)
Development of Advanced Device and Process Technologies and New Image Sensors Shigetoshi Sugawa (Professor)
Development of an Industrial Instrument / the Medical Equipment Using the Contactless Power Transmission System Hidetoshi Matsuki (Specially Appointed Research Fellow)