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Joule Heat Welding of Ultrathin Metallic Wires and its Application for Producing Functionality


For producing a new functionality from metallic micro and nano matarials, the welding and cutting technologies for small scale materials utilizing Joule heat has been developed (Fig. 1). A constant direct current is supplied to the system, where the free ends of two metallic wires are contacted, and the ends are successfully welded together in self-completed manner. This technology is also useful for manipulating a small scale materials.

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

Joule heat welding technology enables us to produce the functional elements on the electrode chips, e.g., a free-standing micro-ring and very-thin thermoelectric element (Fig. 2). Moreover, we have developed the technique for characterizing the physical properties of small scale materials (Fig. 3). We hope to conduct collaborative research with a willing company for a practical application of this technology in industry.

Graduate School of Engineering
TOHMYOH Hironori, Professor Doctor of Engineering