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Yeast models of familial Alzheimer disease to screen for gamma-secretase inhibitors and modulators


Using the yeast transcriptional activator Gal4 system, we reconstituted the production of amyloid beta (Aβ), responsible for Alzheimer disease. Aβ production could be monitored by the positive growth in the selection media or by the reporter enzyme (β-Gal). Utilizing familial Alzheimer disease mutants, we established a system to screen for mutations and chemicals that modulate gamma secretase activity and reduce toxic Aβ42.

Targeted Application(s)/Industry

Our yeast system can be used to screen for chemicals, natural products, food ingredients, genes, and mutations that modulate γ-secretase activity and block Aβ42 production specifically. We hope to conduct collaboration research with a willing company for a practical application of this technology in industry.

Graduate school of Agricultural Science
FUTAI Eugene, Associate Professor Doctor of Agriculture