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Development of Recycling Technology for High-Water Content Sludge by Using Fiber Materials Hiroshi Takahashi (Professor)
Radiological Medical Infomatics Hiroshi Watabe (Professor)
Metal complex catalysts for energy devices Hiroshi Yabu (Professor)
Novel high-throughput screening systems for new antibiotics targeting bacterial virulence factors Hiroshi Yoneyama (Professor)
Economics of Aging Hiroshi Yoshida (Professor)
Microwave Processing of Functional Inorganic Materials Hirotsugu Takizawa (Professor)
Bio-inspired engineering for energy and biological applications Hiroya Abe (Assistant Professor)
Clinical Applications of Motion Capture System for Living Body Hiroyasu Kanetaka (Professor)
Development of Passive Millimeter-wave Imaging Device for Practical Applications Hiroyasu Sato (Assistant Professor)
High-Temperature Processes and Measurements of Materials Hiroyuki Fukuyama (Professor)
Supercomputing for enabling large-scale advanced simulations Hiroyuki Takizawa (Professor)
Fabrication of The Novel Designed Nanodrugs Composed of Poorly Water-Soluble Compounds Hitoshi Kasai (Professor)
Biological Application of Scanning Probe Microscope Hitoshi Shiku (Professor)
Cavitation Peening Hitoshi Soyama (Professor)
Development of Solid-State-Ionics Materials for Energy Conversion, Storage and Utilization Hitoshi Takamura (Professor)
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