"S" Researcher - 15 Result(s)


Vision Sciences and Human Interfaces Satoshi Shioiri (Professor)
Magnetic Materials (Permanent Magnets, High Frequency Materials, Microwave Absorbers) Satoshi Sugimoto (Professor)
Robot Technology for Achieving Secure Society Satoshi Tadokoro (Professor)
A novel crystal growth via controlling an energy relationship between crystal and melt with applying an electric field Satoshi Uda (Specially Appointed Professor(Research))
Spintronics Devices and Materials Shigemi Mizukami (Professor)
Hardware Development of Brain Computer and its Application to Visual Information Processing Shigeo Sato (Professor)
Development of Advanced Device and Process Technologies and New Image Sensors Shigetoshi Sugawa (Professor)
Imaging and photoregulation of biological functions Shin Mizukami (Professor)
“HYDRIDE" Researches for Energy Applications Shin-Ichi Orimo (Professor)
High-Speed Vision for Real-Time Motion Analysis Shingo Kagami (Associate Professor)
Prevention and amelioration of late-onset hypogonadism by food ingredients SHIRAKAWA Hitoshi (Professor)
Study on Land Use Management and Residential Movement in Tsunami Affected Areas Shoko Araki (Assistant Professor)
MEMS/Micromachines and Microfabrication Technology Shuji Tanaka (Professor)
Spintronics device Shunsuke Fukami (Professor)