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Public Anthropology for Multicultural Co-Existence NUMAZAKI Ichiro (Professor)


Innovative Preparing and Thick Coating Technique without Heat Affected Zone and Phase Transformation OGAWA Kazuhiro (Professor)
Molecular Dynamics Analysis of Coating and Surface Modification OHARA Taku (Professor)
Biomodel for Development of Endovascular Treatment OHTA Makoto (Professor)
Development of new materials based on the calculation of thermodynamic properties through electronic theory OHTANI Hiroshi (Professor)
Optimizing everything / Optimal Society OHZEKI Masayuki (Associate Professor)
Hybridized Organic and Polymer Nanocrystals for Optically Functional Materials OIKAWA Hidetoshi (Professor)
Developing energy creation and saving materials OMATA Takahisa (Professor)
Precipitation Hardened Co-based Alloy OMORI Toshihiro (Associate Professor)
A Comparative Semantic Analysis of English and Japanese ONO Naoyuki (Professor)
“HYDRIDE" Researches for Energy Applications ORIMO Shin-ichi (Professor)
Development of Terahertz Semiconductor Devices Using Novel Nano-Heterostructures and Materials and their ICT Applications OTSUJI Taiichi (Professor)
Nonlinear Aeroelastic and Multibody Dynamic Analysis for Floating Wind Turbine and Next-Generation Aircraft OTSUKA Keisuke (Assistant Professor)
Electronic properties of nanostructures and nanodevices OTSUKA Tomohiro (Associate Professor)
Quantum devices utilizing nanostructures OTSUKA Tomohiro (Associate Professor)
Development of Frequency Tunable Coherent TERAHERTZ Light Sources and their Potential Applications OYAMA Yutaka (Professor)


Visualization of Biological Microstructure with High Frequency Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging SAIJO Yoshifumi (Professor)
Development of preventive medicine for aortic aneurysm and dissection of Marfan syndrome SAITOU Masahiro (Professor)
Blockchain-based Approachs for High Secure P2P-type Decentralized Cloud Storage and Practical Smart Contract for Trading Personal Data SAKAI Masao (Associate Professor)