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Quantum and Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Transport Phenomena in Fuel Cell Takashi Tokumasu (Professor)
Development of Wearable Motion Measurement System for Motor Rehabilitation and Healthcare Takashi Watanabe (Professor)
Development of the method of Baby Borehole Hydraulic Fracturing, BABHY Takatoshi Ito (Professor)
Synthesis of Biologically Active Cyclodepsipeptide Natural Products Takayuki Doi (Professor)
Development of next-generation sterilization method by a plasma flow at atmospheric pressure Takehiko Sato (Professor)
Creation of cancer cell specific oligonucleotide therapeutics Takehiko Wada (Professor)
Room temperature bonding using thin metal films (Atomic Diffusion Bonding) Takehito Shimatsu (Professor)
Peptide formation under high P and T conditions: new carbon fibers Takeshi Kakegawa (Professor)
Development of Fall-Prevention Footwear Based on Mechanical Analysis of Slip-Related Falls Takeshi Yamaguchi (Professor)
Biometric Monitor and Therapeutic Apparatus System Mounted Inside Mouth Takeyoshi Koseki (Professor)
Neutron scattering study on macroscopic quantum phenomena Taku J Sato (Professor)
Molecular Dynamics Analysis of Coating and Surface Modification Taku Obara (Associate Professor)
Fuel Cell and Energy Storage Using Ion Conduction in Ceramics Tatsuya Kawada (Professor)
Development of a novel therapeutic drug, TMS-007, for acute cerebral infarction Teiji Tominaga
Clinical application of pulsed jet device to achieve maximal resection of the lesion and functional preservation Teiji Tominaga
Image Guided Local Drug Delivery for Central Nervous System Disorders Teiji Tominaga
Development of Biomedical Micro/Nano Integrated System Using LSI Technology Tetsu Tanaka (Professor)
Novel-Concept Silicon Integrated Circuits Derived from the 3-Dimensional Device, Circuit and Architecture Tetsuo Endoh (Professor)
Understanding and application of thermoacoustic phenomena Tetsushi Biwa (Professor)
Development of an intranodal administration method Tetsuya Kodama (Professor)