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Minimally Invasive Medical Devices and Healthcare Devices Using Micro/Nano Machining Technology HAGA Yoichi (Professor)
Design and Fabrication of Micro-Optical Devices Based on Optics, Especially Optical MEMS and Sensors HANE Kazuhiro (Professor)
PVT-Variation-Aware VLSI System Based on Nonvolatile-Device/MOS-Hybrid Circuitry HANYU Takahiro (Professor)
High-speed and low-power asynchronous Network-on-Chip system based multiple-valued current-mode logic HANYU Takahiro (Professor)
Development of High Performance Carbon Nanotube-Alumina Composite HASHIDA Toshiyuki (Professor)
Advanced Vision System with Less Calibration HASHIMOTO Koichi (Professor)
High-Precision Capturing of 3-D Dental-Arch Shapes and Their Occlusal Relation and its Potential Implementation into CAD/CAM Dentistry HATTORI Yoshinori (Professor)
Measurement-Integrated Simulation to Analyze Complex Flows HAYASE Toshiyuki (Professor)
Development of New Reactions Using Organocatalyst HAYASHI Yujiro (Professor)
Methods to Restore Strelity of Gramineous Plants under High- and Low-Temperature Stress Conditions HIGASHITANI Atsushi (Professor)
Regulation of TSLP Production in Keratinocytes HIRASAWA Noriyasu (Professor)
Transport Control of Semiconductor Quantum Structures and Highly Sensitive NMR HIRAYAMA Yoshiro (Professor)
Development of Compound Semiconductor Radiation Detectors HITOMI Keitaro (Associate Professor)
Development and Application of Hard Porous Carbon Materials RB Ceramics Made from Rice Bran HOKKIRIGAWA Kazuo (Professor)
Cyber Physical Systems Security and Its Applications HOMMA Naofumi (Professor)
Advanced Functional Materials and Nanotechnology for Post-Lithium ion Battery HONMA Itaru (Professor)
Lethal effects of blue light on insects HORI Masatoshi (Associate Professor)
Brainmorphic Computing Hardware HORIO Yoshihiko (Professor)
ICT Use by Teachers and Students in the Classrooms of Elementary and Secondary Schools HORITA Tatsuya (Professor)