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Integrative Health and Human Subtle Energy ICHIE Masayoshi (Professor)
Research on High Performance Motor and its Applications ICHINOKURA Osamu (Professor)
Innovative anemia therapy: Development of new anemia drugs targeting the novel mechanism of erythropoiesis IGARASHI Kazuhiko (Professor)
Analysis of Function of Functional Food Components Preventing Atherosclerosis IKEDA Ikuo (Professor)
Construction of Monitoring Systems for Genetic Diversity in Aquatic Organisms IKEDA Minoru (Professor)
Supercritical Fluid Technology Based on its Unique Properties INOMATA Hiroshi (Professor)
High Sensitivity Radioactivity Measurement at Ultra-Low Radioactivity Environment INOUE Kunio (Professor)
Natural Language Processing for Semantic Analysis of Big Data INUI Kentaro (Professor)
Data Analytics for Creation of Social Values ISHIGAKI Tsukasa (Associate Professor)
Understanding Biological Control Systems and its Application to Development of Life-Like Resilient Systems ISHIGURO Akio (Professor)
Development of Sustainable Integrated Multiphase Energy System ISHIMOTO Jun (Professor)
Development of the high-quality and low-power display system for ultra-realistic communications ISHINABE Takahiro (Associate Professor)
Magnetic Applications and Magnetic Materials ISHIYAMA Kazushi (Professor)
Development of the method of Baby Borehole Hydraulic Fracturing, BABHY ITO Takatoshi (Professor)
Generation of Rice Plants Suitable for Biofuel Production ITO Yukihiro (Associate Professor)
Development of the cyclotron accelerator and its application ITOH Masatoshi (Professor)
Mechanism of Restoration and Rehabilitative Treatment of Movement Disorders IZUMI Shin-ichi (Professor)


High-Speed Vision for Real-Time Motion Analysis KAGAMI Shingo (Associate Professor)
Novel Cu-Based Shape Memory Alloy with High Ductility KAINUMA Ryosuke (Professor)