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MEMS/Micromachines and Microfabrication Technology TANAKA Shuji (Professor)
Development of Biomedical Micro/Nano Integrated System Using LSI Technology TANAKA Tetsu (Professor)
Functional and Molecular Imaging with Positron Emission Tomography (PET) TASHIRO Manabu (Professor)
Advanced Molecular Transformations by Organocatalysts TERADA Masahiro (Professor)
Nano-Scale Total-Analysis Based on TEM TERAUCHI Masami (Professor)
Dry-Contact Ultrasonic Technique TOHMYOH Hironori (Professor)
Joule Heat Welding of Ultrathin Metallic Wires and its Application for Producing Functionality TOHMYOH Hironori (Professor)
Quantum and Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Transport Phenomena in Fuel Cell TOKUMASU Takashi (Professor)
Development of a novel therapeutic drug, TMS-007, for acute cerebral infarction TOMINAGA Teiji (Professor)
Clinical application of pulsed jet device to achieve maximal resection of the lesion and functional preservation TOMINAGA Teiji (Professor)
Image Guided Local Drug Delivery for Central Nervous System Disorders TOMINAGA Teiji (Professor)
Development of catalytic reaction system for direct synthesis from CO2 and diols TOMISHIGE Keiichi (Professor)
Molecular studies on new resources for hybrid rice breeding TORIYAMA Kinya (Professor)
Hands-On Access Fabrication Facility –Open Facility for MEMS and Semiconductor Prototyping– TOTSU Kentaro (Professor)
Development of Geothermal Energy and Geosphere Environmental Informatics TSUCHIYA Noriyoshi (Professor)


A novel crystal growth via controlling an energy relationship between crystal and melt with applying an electric field UDA Satoshi (Professor)
Peptide and Protein Designs for Unexplored Fileds UMETSU mitsuo (Professor)


Creation of cancer cell specific oligonucleotide therapeutics WADA Takehiko (Professor)
Surface scientific approach for developments in fuel cell's catalysts WADAYAMA Toshimasa (Professor)