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Chemical imaging devices which operate in severe environments MUTO Izumi (Professor)
Surface scientific approach for developments in fuel cell's catalysts WADAYAMA Toshimasa (Professor)


Development of Open Nanoporous Base and Half Metals, Metalloids and their Alloys KATO Hidemi (Professor)

[electromagnetic field analysis]

[electromagnetic nondestructive evaluation]

[electron beams]

Experimental Nuclear Physics NAKAMURA Satoshi N. (Professor)

[electron correlation]

Emergence in collective electrons in organic molecular materials SASAKI Takahiko (Professor)

[electronic device]

Hierarchy Control in Structure and Creation of Novel Properties in Nano Scale Materials TANIGAKI Katsumi (Professor)


[Electrode materials]

Synthesis of Novel Nano-Carbon Materials Using Nano-Space as a Reaction Field KYOTANI Takashi (Professor)
Developing energy creation and saving materials OMATA Takahisa (Professor)


Fuel Cell and Energy Storage Using Ion Conduction in Ceramics KAWADA Tatsuya (Professor)

[Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer]

Electromagnetic Nondestructive Inspection System for Complicated Structures TAKAGI Toshiyuki (Professor)

[Electromagnetic wave absorption]

Development of High Performance Carbon Nanotube-Alumina Composite HASHIDA Toshiyuki (Professor)

[Electron beam melting (EBM)]

Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Parts with Electron Beam Melting (EBM) CHIBA Akihiko (Professor)

[Electron energy-loss spectroscopy]

Nano-Scale Total-Analysis Based on TEM TERAUCHI Masami (Professor)

[Electronic material]

Dry-Contact Ultrasonic Technique TOHMYOH Hironori (Professor)


Fabrication of Spintronics Materials by Artificial Nanostructure Control TAKANASHI Koki (Professor)

[Elemental quantification]

Development of new methods and apparatus for industrial elemental analysis WAGATSUMA Kazuaki (Professor)

[ELV (End-of-Life Vehicle) Recycling]

A Study on the Proper Waste Management and Urban Mining Project in Asian Countries; International Resources Recycling and Cross-Border Pollution YU Jeongsoo (Professor)

[Embedded software]

Development of Electronic Instruments (Radio, Infrared, Optical, and Digital), Extensible Unit, and Embedded Software for Spacecraft KASABA Yasumasa (Professor)