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Radar Remote Sensing SATO Motoyuki (Professor)

[Radiation Detector]

Development of Compound Semiconductor Radiation Detectors HITOMI Keitaro (Associate Professor)


Development of Electronic Instruments (Radio, Infrared, Optical, and Digital), Extensible Unit, and Embedded Software for Spacecraft KASABA Yasumasa (Professor)

[Radiophamaceutical Chemistry]

Molecular Imaging from Basic Research to Clinical Application YANAI Kazuhiko (Professor)

[Rapid and low cost spacecraft development]

Design and Development of 50 kg-class Micro Satellites YOSHIDA Kazuya (Professor)

[RB ceramics]

Development and Application of Hard Porous Carbon Materials RB Ceramics Made from Rice Bran HOKKIRIGAWA Kazuo (Professor)


Monomer-Recycle System of Biodegradable Plastics by Industrial Fungal Fermentation and Application of Fungal Biosurfactant Proteins to Nanoparticles for Medical Use ABE Keietsu (Professor)


Development of Recycling Technology for High-Water Content Sludge by Using Fiber Materials TAKAHASHI Hiroshi (Professor)


Composition and Structure Control of Steel and Other Metals Using Refining and Solidification KITAMURA Shinya (Professor)

[Reflective Display]

Development of the high-quality and low-power display system for ultra-realistic communications ISHINABE Takahiro (Associate Professor)


Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy as a New, Non-Invasive Angiogenic Therapy SHIMOKAWA Hiroaki (Professor)


[radial polarization]

Development of Vector Beam and its Application to Nanoimaging SATO Shunichi (Professor)

[radiation detectors]

Development of Novel Scintillator and Piezoelectric Crystals YOSHIKAWA Akira (Professor)

[rare metals]

Magnetic Materials (Permanent Magnets, High Frequency Materials, Microwave Absorbers) SUGIMOTO Satoshi (Professor)


Clinical Applications of Motion Capture System for Living Body KANETAKA Hiroyasu (Professor)

[real-time analysis]

Measurement-Integrated Simulation to Analyze Complex Flows HAYASE Toshiyuki (Professor)

[recombinant protein design]

Peptide and Protein Designs for Unexplored Fileds UMETSU mitsuo (Professor)

[reconfigurable circuit]

PVT-Variation-Aware VLSI System Based on Nonvolatile-Device/MOS-Hybrid Circuitry HANYU Takahiro (Professor)


Room temperature bonding using thin metal films (Atomic Diffusion Bonding) SHIMATSU Takehito (Professor)