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[F1 hybrid]

Molecular studies on new resources for hybrid rice breeding Kinya Toriyama (Professor)

[Failure analysis]


Development of Fall-Prevention Footwear Based on Mechanical Analysis of Slip-Related Falls Takeshi Yamaguchi (Professor)


The Novel Ultrasound Irradiation Device Katsunori Nonogaki (Professor)

[Fatigue Strength]

Cavitation Peening Hitoshi Soyama (Professor)

[Fatty acid methyl and ethyl esters]

A Novel Process for Continuous Production of High Quality Biodiesel with Ion-Exchange Resin Catalysts Naomi Kitakawa (Professor)


Elucidation of oncogenesis by Fbxw7 Keiko Nakayama (Professor)

[Feasibility Assessment]

A Study on the Proper Waste Management and Urban Mining Project in Asian Countries; International Resources Recycling and Cross-Border Pollution Jeongsoo Yu (Professor)

[Feedback recycling]

Chemical Recycling of Problematic Polymeric Wastes Toshiaki Yoshioka (Professor)


Oxide Electronics Tomoteru Fukumura (Professor)


Economics of Aging Hiroshi Yoshida (Professor)

[Fiber-Cement-Stabilized Soil]

Development of Recycling Technology for High-Water Content Sludge by Using Fiber Materials Hiroshi Takahashi (Professor)

[fiber-reinforced cementitious composite]


Development of anti-fibrotic therapies with a cell line from myofibroblasts of fibrotic kidneys Norio Suzuki (Professor)


Development of Open Nanoporous Base and Half Metals, Metalloids and their Alloys Hidemi Kato (Professor)

[finite element method]

Performance enhancement and application development of energy harvesting materials by microstructure design Fumio Narita (Professor)

[first-principles calculation]

Theoretical Design of New Materials and Device Functionality based on First-principles Calculations Masafumi Shirai (Professor)

[Flexible display]

Advanced Technology on Flexible Liquid Crystal Displays Hideo Fujikake (Professor)


Prediction and evaluation of future thermal and wind environments based on CFD, and planning of urban environments adaptable to future climate Yasuyuki Ishida (Assistant Professor)

[Flow path change]

Development of a Numerical Prediction System for Sliding Part Wear and Seizure Occurrence Portions Jun Ishimoto (Professor)