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[P2P (Peer to Peer)]

Blockchain-based Approachs for High Secure P2P-type Decentralized Cloud Storage and Practical Smart Contract for Trading Personal Data Masao Sakai (Associate Professor)


Hands-On Access Fabrication Facility –Open Facility for MEMS and Semiconductor Prototyping– Kentaro Totsu (Professor)


The Novel Ultrasound Irradiation Device Katsunori Nonogaki (Professor)

[Pancreatic beta cells]

Development of devices regulating inter-organ neural network for diabetes therapy Hideki Katagiri (Professor)


Development of McH-lpr/lpr-RA1 mouse, a study model that spontaneously develops severe autoimmune arthritis, vasculitis, and sialadenitis Tetsuya KODAMA (Professor)

[parameter-variation compensation]

PVT-Variation-Aware VLSI System Based on Nonvolatile-Device/MOS-Hybrid Circuitry Takahiro Hanyu (Professor)

[Parkinson's disease, stroke]

Induction of Neural Cells from Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells and their Application to Neurodegenerations Mari Dezawa (Professor)

[passing skills to younger generation]

Changing Corporate In-Service Training Taira Nakajima (Associate Professor)

[Passive ]

Development of Passive Millimeter-wave Imaging Device for Practical Applications Hiroyasu Sato (Assistant Professor)


Indentation modulus 8.4 GPa! Resin replica mold more solid than polyimide Masaru Nakagawa (Professor)

[Pattern matching]

Internet video streams have identities like fingerprints Nei Kato (Professor)

[Pattern recognition receptors]

Development of Immunobiotic Evaluation System for Functional Feeds as a Livestock Animal Model Haruki Kitazawa (Professor)

[pedestrian prediction]

Coexistence of humans and mobile robots Yusuke Tamura (Associate Professor)


Cavitation Peening Hitoshi Soyama (Professor)

[Peltier effect]

Development of Potential Thermoelectric Materials Yuzuru Miyazaki (Professor)


Peptide and Protein Designs for Unexplored Fileds Mitsuo Umetsu (Professor)
Peptide formation under high P and T conditions: new carbon fibers Takeshi Kakegawa (Professor)

[Periodontal disease]

Oral Biofilm Functional Analysis: from “What Are They?" to “What Are They Doing?" Nobuhiro Takahashi (Professor)

[peripheral circulation]

The Novel Ultrasound Irradiation Device Katsunori Nonogaki (Professor)

[peripheral nerve disorders]

Induction of Schwann cells from human mesenchymal stem cells and their application to spinal cord injury and demyelinating diseases Mari Dezawa (Professor)