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Development of the e-voting system KAWAMURA Kazunori (Associate Professor)


Advanced Educational Environment with Interactive Instruction System IMPRESSION MITSUISHI Takashi (Associate Professor)


Development of the e-voting system KAWAMURA Kazunori (Associate Professor)

[ecological environment]

Exploring the change in fauna and flora from the results of the natural history of Tokugawa Japan SUZUKI Michio (Professor)


Development and Application of Hard Porous Carbon Materials RB Ceramics Made from Rice Bran HOKKIRIGAWA Kazuo (Professor)


Network Roaming System with Flexible Access Control SONE Hideaki (Professor)

[elderly people]

Development of Fall-Prevention Footwear Based on Mechanical Analysis of Slip-Related Falls YAMAGUCHI Takeshi (Associate Professor)

[election management]

Development of the e-voting system KAWAMURA Kazunori (Associate Professor)


Biological Application of Scanning Probe Microscope SHIKU Hitoshi (Professor)
Chemical imaging devices which operate in severe environments MUTO Izumi (Professor)


[Early diagnosis]

Functional and Molecular Imaging with Positron Emission Tomography (PET) TASHIRO Manabu (Professor)

[Earth Observation]

Design and Development of 50 kg-class Micro Satellites YOSHIDA Kazuya (Professor)


Mathematical Biology SENO Hiromi (Professor)

[Eddy Current Testing]

Electromagnetic Nondestructive Inspection System for Complicated Structures TAKAGI Toshiyuki (Professor)

[Effective Utilization of Mineral & Energy Resources]

Advanced Recycling Process and Development of Environmental Preservation Technologies KASAI Eiki (Professor)

[Electric conduction]

Oxide Electronics FUKUMURA Tomoteru (Professor)

[Electrical conductivity]

Development of High Performance Carbon Nanotube-Alumina Composite HASHIDA Toshiyuki (Professor)

[Electro conductivity]

Polymer-nanoparticle hybrid materials ADSCHIRI Tadafumi (Professor)


Surface scientific approach for developments in fuel cell's catalysts WADAYAMA Toshimasa (Professor)

[Electrochemical Surface Forces Apparatus]

Development of Nano-Interface Chemistry for Materials Sciences Using Surface Forces Measurement KURIHARA Kazue (Professor)