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[PCR-Luminex method]

New High-Throughput, High Resolution DNA Methylation Analysis Method, PCR-Luminex for the Diagnosis of Genomic Imprinting Disorders in ART Babies ARIMA Takahiro (Professor)

[pedestrian prediction]

Coexistence of humans and mobile robots YUSUKE TAMURA (Associate Professor)


Cavitation Peening SOYAMA Hitoshi (Professor)

[Peltier effect]

Development of Potential Thermoelectric Materials MIYAZAKI Yuzuru (Professor)


Peptide and Protein Designs for Unexplored Fileds UMETSU Mitsuo (Professor)
Peptide formation under high P and T conditions: new carbon fibers KAKEGAWA Takshi (Professor)

[Periodontal disease]

Oral Biofilm Functional Analysis: from “What Are They?" to “What Are They Doing?" TAKAHASHI Nobuhiro (Professor)

[peripheral arterial disease]

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy as a New, Non-Invasive Angiogenic Therapy SHIMOKAWA Hiroaki (Professor)

[peripheral circulation]

The Novel Ultrasound Irradiation Device NONOGAKI Katsunori (Professor)

[peripheral nerve disorders]

Induction of Schwann cells from human mesenchymal stem cells and their application to spinal cord injury and demyelinating diseases DEZAWA Mari (Professor)


Magnetic Materials (Permanent Magnets, High Frequency Materials, Microwave Absorbers) SUGIMOTO Satoshi (Professor)

[Personal Information Trade]

Blockchain-based Approachs for High Secure P2P-type Decentralized Cloud Storage and Practical Smart Contract for Trading Personal Data SAKAI Masao (Associate Professor)

[personal mobility]

Coexistence of humans and mobile robots YUSUKE TAMURA (Associate Professor)

[pest management]

Lethal effects of blue light on insects HORI Masatoshi (Professor)


Study on Molecular Mechanism for Plant Immune System TAKAHASHI Hideki (Professor)


Development of Compound Semiconductor Radiation Detectors HITOMI Keitaro (Associate Professor)
Chemical Recycling of Problematic Polymeric Wastes YOSHIOKA Toshiaki (Professor)
Radiological Medical Infomatics WATABE Hiroshi (Professor)
Functional and Molecular Imaging with Positron Emission Tomography (PET) TASHIRO Manabu (Professor)


Changing Corporate In-Service Training NAKAJIMA Taira (Associate Professor)