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Development of High Performance Carbon Nanotube-Alumina Composite HASHIDA Toshiyuki (Professor)

[composite crystals]

Development of Potential Thermoelectric Materials MIYAZAKI Yuzuru (Professor)

[Compound optimization]

Development of PHD-Targeted Drug for Ischemic Injury MIYATA Toshio (Professor)

[Compound Semiconductor]

Development of Compound Semiconductor Radiation Detectors HITOMI Keitaro (Associate Professor)

[Compton Camera]

Development of Compound Semiconductor Radiation Detectors HITOMI Keitaro (Associate Professor)

[Compton Scattering ]

Visualization of Electron Motion in Matter by Means of Electron Compton Scattering TAKAHASHI Masahiko (Professor)

[computational simulation]

Biomodel for Development of Endovascular Treatment OHTA Makoto (Professor)
Material Design for Solution of Energy and Environmental Problems by Multi-Physics and Multi-Scale Simulation KUBO Momoji (Professor)

[Computer Architectures]

High Performance Computer Architectures and their Applications KOBAYASHI Hiroaki (Professor)

[computer graphics]

Support for Succession of Traditional Performing Arts which Utilized Motion Capture System WATABE Shinichi (Professor)

[Computer Vision]

Visual Computing with Secure ICT in the Big Data Era AOKI Takafumi (Professor)

[Concurrent Process Calculus]

Programming Language Theory and Computation Models SUMII Eijiro (Professor)

[Confined Liquids]

Development of Nano-Interface Chemistry for Materials Sciences Using Surface Forces Measurement KURIHARA Kazue (Professor)


[Conjugated cholesterol metabolites]

Discovery of diagnostic markers by metabolomics MANO Nariyasu (Professor)

[Conjugated polymer]

Hybridized Organic and Polymer Nanocrystals for Optically Functional Materials OIKAWA Hidetoshi (Professor)

[Connective tissue disease]

Development of preventive medicine for aortic aneurysm and dissection of Marfan syndrome SAITOU Masahiro (Professor)

[Contactless Power Transmission]

Development of an Industrial Instrument / the Medical Equipment Using the Contactless Power Transmission System MATSUKI Hidetoshi (Professor)

[Content Distribution]

Internet video streams have identities like fingerprints KATO Nei (Professor)

[continuous productin ]

A Novel Process for Continuous Production of High Quality Biodiesel with Ion-Exchange Resin Catalysts SHIBASAKI-KITAKAWA Naomi (Professor)