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[High-Water Content Sludge]

Development of Recycling Technology for High-Water Content Sludge by Using Fiber Materials TAKAHASHI, Hiroshi (Professor)


Molecular Imaging from Basic Research to Clinical Application YANAI, Kazuhiko (Professor)


Development of the next generation anti-HIV agents KODAMA, Eiichi (Professor)


Hormone Actions in Human Breast Carcinoma SUZUKI, Takashi (Professor)

[Human Interface]

Robot Technology for Achieving Secure Society TADOKORO, Satoshi (Professor)
Interactive Content to Enrich Our Lives KITAMURA, Yoshifumi (Professor)

[Human Resource Development]

Nonprofit Organizations and Social Capital NISHIDE, Yuko (Professor)

[Human sperm]

New High-Throughput, High Resolution DNA Methylation Analysis Method, PCR-Luminex for the Diagnosis of Genomic Imprinting Disorders in ART Babies ARIMA, Takahiro (Professor)

[Human vision]

Vision Sciences and Human Interfaces SHIOIRI, Satoshi (Professor)

[Humanitarian Demining]

Radar Remote Sensing SATO, Motoyuki (Professor)
Landmine detection sensor SATO, Motoyuki (Professor)

[Hybrid nanomaterials]

Supercritical Hydrothermal Synthesis of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanoparticles ADSCHIRI, Tadafumi (Professor)

[Hybrid particles]

Functional Uniform Nanoparticles Production and Their Industrial Use MURAMATSU, Atsushi (Professor)
Creation of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials and their Application MURAMATSU, Atsushi (Professor)

[Hybrid Polymer]

Polymer-nanoparticle hybrid materials ADSCHIRI, Tadafumi (Professor)


Powder Processing Contributing to the Global Environmental Protection KANO, Junya (Professor)

[Hydraulic fracturing]

Development of the method of Baby Borehole Hydraulic Fracturing, BABHY ITO, Takatoshi (Professor)


Bio-Hybrid MEMS for Medical, Environmental and Food Engineering NISHIZAWA, Matsuhiko (Professor)


[hot-compressed water]

Converting Food Waste into Valuable Materials with Hot-Compressed Water Treatment FUJII, Tomoyuki (Professor)


“HYDRIDE" Researches for Energy Applications ORIMO, Shin-ichi (Professor)