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[Hydrogen Embrittlement]

Cavitation Peening SOYAMA Hitoshi (Professor)
Hydrogen embrittlement of high strength steels AKIYAMA Eiji (Professor)

[Hydrogen energy]

Development of Sustainable Integrated Multiphase Energy System ISHIMOTO Jun (Professor)

[Hydrogen Production]

Development of Solid-State-Ionics Materials for Energy Conversion, Storage and Utilization TAKAMURA Hitoshi (Professor)

[Hydrogen Storage]

“HYDRIDE" Researches for Energy Applications ORIMO Shin-ichi (Professor)
Synthesis of Novel Nano-Carbon Materials Using Nano-Space as a Reaction Field KYOTANI Takashi (Professor)


Monomer-Recycle System of Biodegradable Plastics by Industrial Fungal Fermentation and Application of Fungal Biosurfactant Proteins to Nanoparticles for Medical Use ABE Keietsu (Professor)


The Novel Ultrasound Irradiation Device NONOGAKI Katsunori (Professor)


Experimental Nuclear Physics NAKAMURA Satoshi N. (Professor)


The Novel Ultrasound Irradiation Device NONOGAKI Katsunori (Professor)
IVR (Interventional Radiology) Treatment of Hypertention: Minimally Invasive Treatment of Primary Aldosteronism Based on the Adrenal Vein Sampling Technology TAKASE Kei (Professor)
Quantitative Evaluation of the Baroreflex Sensitivity of the Heart and Artery YAMBE Tomoyuki (Professor)

[Hypoxia-Inducible Factor alpha, HIF-a]

Development of PHD-Targeted Drug for Ischemic Injury MIYATA Toshio (Professor)