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[Polarization Control Technology]

Development of the high-quality and low-power display system for ultra-realistic communications ISHINABE Takahiro (Associate Professor)


Nano-Precision Mechanical Manufacturing for Extreme Optics KURIYAGAWA Tsunemoto (Professor)


Hybridized Organic and Polymer Nanocrystals for Optically Functional Materials OIKAWA Hidetoshi (Professor)


Development of Novel Bone Substitute Biomaterials Showing Highly Osteoconductive Property SUZUKI Osamu (Professor)
Development of Nano-Interface Chemistry for Materials Sciences Using Surface Forces Measurement KURIHARA Kazue (Professor)
Advanced Technology on Flexible Liquid Crystal Displays FUJIKAKE Hideo (Professor)

[Polymer electrolyte fuel cell]

Surface scientific approach for developments in fuel cell's catalysts WADAYAMA Toshimasa (Professor)

[Polymer Electrolyte Membrane]

Quantum and Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Transport Phenomena in Fuel Cell TOKUMASU Takashi (Professor)

[Polymer film]

Dry-Contact Ultrasonic Technique TOHMYOH Hironori (Professor)

[Positron Emission Tomography (PET)]

Molecular Imaging from Basic Research to Clinical Application YANAI Kazuhiko (Professor)

[Powder jet deposition]

Powder Jet Deposition: PJD KURIYAGAWA Tsunemoto (Professor)

[Powder metallurgy]

Microwave Processing of Functional Inorganic Materials TAKIZAWA Hirotsugu (Professor)


[pollination reaction]

Improvement of Seed Production by Using Reproductive Trait in Crops, Especially, Rice and Cruciferous Crops WATANABE Masao (Professor)


Development of catalytic reaction system for direct synthesis from CO2 and diols TOMISHIGE Keiichi (Professor)

[polymer resist/mold material]

Photo-Functional Advanced Materials for Nanofabrication by Nanoimprint Lithography NAKAGAWA Masaru (Professor)


Economics of Aging YOSHIDA Hiroshi (Professor)

[population dynamics]

Mathematical Biology SENO Hiromi (Professor)

[porous ceramics]

Low-Temperature Synthesis of SiC Porous Bulk by Using Na YAMANE Hisanori (Professor)


Analysis and Function Elucidation of Fine Clusters and Defects in Materials Invisible by Electron Microscopy NAGAI Yasuyoshi (Professor)

[positron emission tomography]

Functional and Molecular Imaging with Positron Emission Tomography (PET) TASHIRO Manabu (Professor)